Stinging Nettles & Allergies

He Went Down on His Knees   His face turned red as he coughed and tried to breathe at the same time.  All conversation at the table ceased as we turned to look at him with a startled look on our faces.  "Are you ok?" I asked.  He nodded as he tried to regain his composure, but the coughing turned convulsive.  He got up from the table and stumbled out to the restaurant patio. He went down on his knees.  "Do you want me to call an ambulance?" I urgently asked, but he could not respond!.  I grabbed my cell phone and started to dial 911.  In that same instant, I heard the raspy, life-saving breath return to his wracked lungs!  The crisis had passed!  Although shaken, we were able to resume our evening with family and friends.  

You Need Steroids   "Allergies" the doctor said, "you need steroids!"  My husband, a man with the constitution of a Viking who goes for years without a simple cold or even a headache, was shocked.  But it was clear that the itchy throat and scratchy cough that he had been ignoring for months had reached epic proportions and now there was a logical explanation.  Still, he was hesitant to take something as powerful as steroids when he rarely even took aspirin.

A Flea Gun for an Elephant?  I had recently completed an herbalism course with a reknowned Ayurvedic practitioner and book author.  I recalled from my training that stinging nettles are often used effectively to support the body's response to seasonal allergies. I mentioned this natural remedy, although honestly, given the magnitude of his allergy attack, I thought this would be akin to using a flea gun to stop a charging elephant. Still, he was willing to try it. "I've got nothing to lose", he said, adding that if it didn't work, he would take the steroids.

The Power of Nettles   He began to take between 1,600-2,000 mg, or approximately two capsules, of whole dried stinging nettle at the first signs of a dry, scratchy cough. He was incredulous when this seemingly simple herb appeared to arrest the onset of an allergy attack, not once but many times. He found that even when he was out in the field, surrounded by acres of dusty, drying weeds, two capsules were enough to stop an allergy attack in its tracks and he was good for a full day.  For weeks and months he continued the regimen, both of us expecting this crazy little herb to fail, but it just wouldn't.  

Still Works Years Later   It has been six years, and still, he only takes it on as as-needed basis, usually twice a week during allergy season. The best part is that he has had no side effects from stinging nettle, no drowsiness or dryness or any other discomfort and has never required the use of steroids. He has never missed work because of allergies and never had another episode like the one in the restaurant. He is further comforted by the fact that stinging nettles is nutritious and research studies show its anti-inflammatory action may have beneficial effects on bones and joints, the urinary tract, and the prostate in men.

All Natural, No Side Effects   A natural approach to seasonal allergy distress!  Soothing, effective relief, you just can't ask for more!

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