One Herb Changed My Life

Home Remedies   As I was growing up, we rarely went to the doctor. My mother was the family "doctor", always ready with herbal teas, decoctions and poultices to treat our ailments and keep us healthy. As I raised my own family, I relied on tried-and-true remedies to keep us out of the doctor’s office. One of our favorites was chamomile tea with lemon and honey for upset stomach. More of a treat than a remedy, it never failed us.

No Match   My herbs were no match for what was to come. Over the years, I developed severe lower back pain, the result of long hours on the computer, poor ergonomics, and bad genes. Ibuprofen provided temporary relief, but I feared ulcers and liver damage with the mega doses prescribed by my doctor. Muscle relaxants turned my body to mush. With a career and two active children, that was no solution. For years, severe pain turned my nights into nightmares. Chronic sleep deprivation chipped away at my health. I was sure that, like my dad, I would lose mobility early in life.

An Herb for a Deserted Island   One day, while enrolled in a course on world herbalism taught by a renowned herbal expert, author, and Ayurvedic practitioner, I learned about turmeric, the key spice in curries and many Asian dishes. It turns out turmeric is an ancient and much-revered Ayurvedic herb used for arthritis and inflammation. My instructor said if he was marooned on a deserted island and could have just one herb, he would choose turmeric. I set out to prove that my pain was too big, too chronic for a simple home remedy. I purchased some turmeric on the way home and took my first dose that night, expecting nothing and planning to report back that it didn't work. I took another dose the next night....and the next. The result? Three nights of pure, joyous, pain-free sleep! Placebo effect, I was sure of it! There was no other explanation. Eight years later, I am on a maintenance dose and still pain-free. No tolerance, no side effects. Turmeric saved my health!

Going Herbal   My incredible experience with turmeric was the beginning of a quest to share the remarkable gift of herbs with others. I decided to combine my background as a chemical engineer, a master's in business, and 250 hours in herbalism coursework along with the help of a professional consultant (my renowned herbal instructor) to start Tierra Naturals.

I hope to enhance your life in ways you never expected.

Alma Giron


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